We Offer Professional Services

OUR services

We breathe new life into old pipes.

Our professional steam cleaning and bamboo replacement services are top quality. We offer everything from routine cleanings and stem swaps to professional polishing and fitting of custom stems on pipes old and new.

low angle photo of white clouds during twilight
low angle photo of white clouds during twilight

New Stems

While most of our stems are standard size, an can be easily replaced by you at home, we do offer hand fitted natural bamboo stems to provide an extra stylistic choice to our lineup.

Antique Restorations

We don't just offer services for our new pipes, we also offer restoration services for those who wish to gain some functionality from their own antique Kiseru pipes.

Traditional Methods

In old Japan, Kiseru pipes were cleaned with pressurized steam from boilers to remove old tar buildups.

Our cleaning methods also use steam which is chemical free and extremely environmentally friendly.

More Enjoyment

When professionally cleaned, you will have a longer and more enjoyable lifetime of use for your Kiseru pipes.