We are proud of our products


Quality we stand by

Our Pipes and Bamboo stems are hand made in small batches from start to finish. We strive to keep our manufacturing process as close to the old traditions wherever we can.

All our Pipes are hand fitted before being sent to our customers to ensure a quality product.

We use traditional bamboo and reed as well as Paulownia wood storage boxes. This way we keep our product as true to it's roots as possible.

Premium Materials

We only use premium materials in our pipes and accessories, just like the old japanese masters would have.

Amazing Accuracy

We went out of our way to ensure that our pipes and accessories were as close to historical examples as possible. we even went so far as to take detailed measurements from antiques to get the proportions correct.

Eco-friendly production

Bamboo is an ecologically sustainable organic material, as is Paulowia wood which is one of nature's fastest growing trees.

Better smoking

Our pipes smoke cooler and smoother than many modern designs due to the long travel through the stem, as well as the high thermal conductivity of brass.